About Rotary

The Rotary Club of Alabaster-Pelham meets in the classroom on the main level of the Shelby Baptist Medical Plaza. The Medical Plaza is between the Physicians Center and the Main Hospital. The address is 1004 1st Street North, Alabaster, AL 35007. If you park in the north lot, just walk through the adjacent Physicians Center and enter the Medical Plaza through the breezeway. The classroom corridor will be on your left. If you park in the pay-to-park lot, you can enter directly from the top level or you can take the stairs or the elevator from the bottom. The classroom corridor will be at the left rear of the lobby. Once you enter the corridor, the meeting room will the third door on the left. Guests are always welcome and lunch is served. Meetings typically last one hour and feature presentations by notable leaders from sectors such as business, social services, education, charitable non-profits, medicine, city/county government, etc. Please direct any questions to Ashley McCollough, Club Secretary, at 205-982-2664 or ashley@ihmcneill.com. Please join us!

In 1905, Paul Harris and fellow businessmen founded Rotary as a means to serve their community and to enhance their businesses through friendship and networking. The Rotary Club of Alabaster-Pelham was officially formed in 1970 by a like-minded group of influential businessmen in the Shelby County area with a philosophy of community responsibility and service.

The Rotary Club of Alabaster-Pelham belatedly celebrated our club’s 50th anniversary in 2021. Today our membership includes 25 business men and women with the same philosophy of community responsibility and service as that of our founders. The Club’s By-Laws declared that weekly meetings would be held at noon on Thursdays in Alabaster, Alabama and that is still true today.

The Rotary Club of Alabaster-Pelham has provided meals, scholarships, tuition, clothing, books and even water throughout the years to deserving people, both locally and internationally.

Rotary International has made the largest impact of any group in the world to eradicate polio and The Rotary Club of Alabaster-Pelham has supported this effort from the beginning. Statistics revealed in 2013 that polio is close to being eliminated.

Paul Harris

Mission Statement

The mission of the Rotary Club of Alabaster-Pelham is to provide leadership through service in our community and worldwide and for our members to be role models in our workplaces, communities and schools.